The United States of America is a federal republic counting 50 states of which 48 are continental states, added Hawaii and Alaska as two new states. Washington, D.C. is the capital and the only federal district of the country. Lying almost exclusively in the Western hemisphere, the United States of America is located in the heart of southern share of North America. Located between Canada and Mexico, the country is surrounded by the North Pacific Ocean in the east and the North Atlantic Ocean in the west. 3,676,487 square miles in area, the U.S.A. is home to over 302 million people belonging to ethnic groups such as White, Black American, Asian, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders. Predominantly an English speaking country, other languages are also spoken here such as Spanish, Indo-European, Asian and Pacific Island. With over 80% of population speaking English as their primary language, international students find it easy to settle down in the country. Notably a luxurious country, America had the highest GDP in the world with total GDP recorded as $17.418 trillion, in the year 2014.

Why USA?
The USA is the most popular destination among students in Nepal seeking to study abroad for several reasons. The academic excellence and holistic exposure available at US universities and the short-term and long-term career advantages once you invest in a US degree are the main reasons students choose the USA above other countries. In addition, the global focus of a US degree, availability of financial assistance, opportunities for research and the flexibility of grad and undergrad education in the USA are also important reasons students choose the USA for their further studies.
Transportation, Accommodation and Food
As USA has one of the world’s largest road networks, it would not be suitable for students to worry about transportation around USA. Yellow cabs, buses, trains can be suitable option for commuters as transportation charge is relatively low in USA. Accommodation can be a bit problem for students as room is quite expensive. Students can jointly live which reduces the bill burden or they can choose hostel, pay guest option according to their will and preference. Food will not be a major issue for students as food is quite cheap in USA.

Working Hour and Tax Policy
Usually, students should not have to pay tax on their income earned from legal working hours. If students are found working more than their allowed working hour, tax might be applicable.

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